Tips For Fashion Sketching For Beginners

fashion sketches

fashion sketchesI remember when I was young how I used to love sketching most fashion designs on my notebooks. Sometimes this got me in real trouble when I got into school, but I am now a self taught designer (still learning!). I am going to share with you a bit of myself taught experiences that I have mastered over time. I hope you will get the inspiration to pick a pencil and a paper and start making sketches after reading this. Fashion sketching as not as difficult as most people think. Here are some important steps that have helped improve my skills over time.

Make A Great Croquis.

What is a croquis? This is a drawing of a model that you can always trace over as you sketch your fashion ideas. There are so many croquis to use online, in books or you can design your own. Basically a croquis is a picture of tall models and in most cases, it is usually an exaggeration. What if you want to design maybe for someone else like a plus sized woman or small child? Here’s how to. Continue reading