How To Start A Small Fashion Designer Business

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fashion design shopI loved fashion design right from a very young age. After high school, I knew this was what I wanted. I looked for a job as a cashier in a company that one of my friends was working for so that I could pay my college fees. My friend showed me how to write a great cashier resume sample without any training.
Fashion design is a very dynamic and exciting career and you can easily turn it into a profitable hobby. Most of the people who are designers developed an interest for style and fashion when they were young. Although having a career in the fashion industry may look like the most exciting job, it’s really hard to break into the industry. It is very important that you carry out proper research and create some familiarity in the fashion industry.
What you will need
A sewing machine
Talent and creativity- this alone is not enough
Contacts of people in the industry
Idealism and enthusiasm
Knowledge about the textile industry
Good education- study of fashion design
What to do
Be able to sew clothes
This is the basic skill a fashion designer seeking to start their own business should know. If you do not know how to sew clothes, learn how to before you begin your business. Most big fashion designers have their own teams of seamstresses who make the clothes but as a beginner, you will be responsible for creating your own style. You should be able to sew and read patterns.
Keep up to date with the trending fashion designs
Fashion styles keep changing with each season. A good designer should be on the know-how of the current trending designs. Watch fashion shows, read good fashion magazines and hang around other upcoming fashion designers like you.
Choose a target market and create a portfolio
Individuals who want to start their own fashion businesses should look for a niche and come up with portfolio designs. Sketch the designs and then create actual pieces of the designs.
Market your business and sell to your clients.
There are so many ways one can get popular. You can first begin with your friends by selling them some of your great designs and that way they can refer other people to you. When I started out, one of my friends who is a cna really helped in marketing my designs. She was looking for a job at the time and I would ask her to wear some of my designs as she went dropping her cna resume samples in different offices. A lot of people would be interested in the outfits she wore and she in turn gave them my business cards. This really helped me a lot in marketing my fashion design business.
You can also organize a fashion show and invite a few boutiques or retailers. A new designer can also open a retail shop, open a mobile showroom, start a website or design a catalog.

Tips For Fashion Sketching For Beginners

fashion sketches

fashion sketchesI remember when I was young how I used to love sketching most fashion designs on my notebooks. Sometimes this got me in real trouble when I got into school, but I am now a self taught designer (still learning!). I am going to share with you a bit of myself taught experiences that I have mastered over time. I hope you will get the inspiration to pick a pencil and a paper and start making sketches after reading this. Fashion sketching as not as difficult as most people think. Here are some important steps that have helped improve my skills over time.

Make A Great Croquis.

What is a croquis? This is a drawing of a model that you can always trace over as you sketch your fashion ideas. There are so many croquis to use online, in books or you can design your own. Basically a croquis is a picture of tall models and in most cases, it is usually an exaggeration. What if you want to design maybe for someone else like a plus sized woman or small child? Here’s how to. Continue reading