Tips On How You Can Stay Ahead Of Fashion

fashionFashion is a fascinating industry that draws everyone’s attention. New trends are usually introduced and copied by various inspired individuals and a like. But, how do we keep up to date with the ever changing fashion trends? I have been in the fashion industry for a long period of time and I have come to realize that we not only have to keep up to date with these trends but we also need to let fashion keep up with us. As research on the latest trends, note the ones that inspire you. If you like a particular fashion, go for it. Here are some tips that can help you discover new fashion trends and keep up with them:


Get a fashion magazine

I know that subscribing to a fashion magazine can be costly, but just imagine of how cool it can be to get the latest fashion trends on your door step. With a magazine you can be inspired by a celebrity icon, latest fashion tips and many more. Whichever magazine you choose, it will be a useful source of inspiration and you will always be displaying your individuality in a stylish manner. Just like you cannot expect to get a good juicer for greens without doing some research, the same way you are unlikely to stay ahead of fashion if you do not take time to read and research more.

Attend fashion festivals

Here you can learn a lot. This is because you will get an opportunity to see numerous fashion tastes from different fashion gurus and you will be able to tailor the fashion that you like to your own taste. Just like you cannot go buy any type of a vacuum cleaner for just any flooring, if you have hardwood in your house you go buy an ideal vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor. The same way you cannot incorporate any fashion anywhere. You need to plan carefully to make sure that you do the right thing.

The come-back-classic

As with the most trends, fashion always has classics that will change and go in and out and spotlight forever. If you want to buy a new outfit or an item, consider the previous fashion trends and see the ones that are tried and tested to know the one that is likely to last for long. Even though it is good to have a ‘one hit wonder’, it is also beneficial to stay on top for a longer period of time.


Play it safe

This is not as boring as it may sound. Sticking with a safe option can yield the best results. What you need is to try not to exaggerate a lot to avoid a funny look. By going simple on every fashion trend is the best way to look cool.

Many people and most especially women like to look stylish in every way. Well, what everyone needs to know is that it does not cost much to be on top of fashion. Just follow the above tips and you will be good to go. All the best!

How To Succeed As A Fashion Designer

A fashion designer working

A fashion designer workingIf you breathe and live fashion every minute of life, then we are probably are birds of a feather. You mind is always racing with new inspirations of designs and you can’t seem to get them on paper as fast as they keep coming. You are forever dreaming of the day your designs will be featured in the vogue, or they will be on the runway and the audience will be wowed by your unique designs. You can never stop thinking of the day you will see famous celebrities wearing your designs. You have hundreds of books and fashion magazines overflowing in your bookshelf, and you are always visiting textile stores to check out the trendiest fabrics, trims and decorative beads.
Will this ever looming dream of becoming a successful fashion designer ever become a reality? Working all day and some more at night to pay your bills and end up with very little to spend on yourself is really painful, when you see very successful fashion designers all over you.
Successful fashion designers come from different backgrounds and there is no specific formula for being one. There are those who have graduated from the best fashion designer schools while there are those who are self taught. Never have they ever attended any fashion design school. There are those who just took a fashion internship with a house while others began making their designs in their sitting rooms. What all these fashion designers had in common is the fact that they were really passionate about fashion and they were able to come up with designs that are highly sought after and made connections with someone who helped them get their deigns out there.
How to get your designs out there
• Apply to join in your local fashion week. Fashion weeks attract a lot of socialites, editors and journalists and your designs could be spotted and give you the exposure you need.
• There are a lot of fashion shows in major city clubs that sell alcohol to people who are above the legal minimum age of drinking. Approach them and find out how you can be part of the team that showcases their designs.
• Partner with someone. Often, we all not all good in all aspects of fashion design. Get someone who is good at what you are not and partner with them. When different skills are combined you can come up with a great real product that can be displayed.
Lastly, network in all the right places. There are always events for showcasing upcoming designers. Make sure you attend such events with your designs. You will always find there are people selling some whiskeys or juices. You can take some nice tasting whiskey just to give you some confidence to talk to people who visit your stall. Alternatively, you can gift those people who come to your store with some whiskey shots! (If they take alcohol)

Why Women and Fashion Design Go Together

women and fashionToday, fashion is one of the biggest industries in the world and this is not simply because people love dressing up appropriately but also because fashion is considered to be one of the backbones of our existence. If it were not for fashion, we would have no way of bringing out our personalities. This means that we would have no way to express to the world how we are and what we are inside out. This is the reason as to why fashion and design is crucial to our day to day life

Even though both men and women leap more benefit from fashion, we cannot deny the fact that women are the ones who seem to enjoy fashion most. If you have ever been to any fashion week, then you will know why. Women usually have a natural inclination towards anything that is fancy, pretty, and frilly, which is no wonder they are the best inspiration to fashion designers. To a woman, anything that has got something to do with her look matters a lot with hair being one of their most concerns. They know so well that regardless of the clothes they wear, their hair will always say a lot about them. This is why many of them spend their money on the most effective volumizing shampoo to ensure that their hair stays as healthy as possible. Apart from shampoo, women make sure that hair is fully conditioned with top quality deep conditioner to achieve a stunning look.

Despite the fact that women wear fashion designs beautifully, their presence in fashion and design industry is distinctly lacking since this industry is dominated by males. Whenever a woman gets an interest of venturing into this industry, people assume that she is doing so simply because she loves shoes. However, when a man takes interest in fashion and design, they look at him with admiration and they would suddenly accept him. In my opinion, women love anything to do with fashion and they can be the best in making good choices when it comes to fashion. What we need to understand before judging women is the fact that fashion is no longer shallow and frivolous like in the past years; instead, it is necessary and essential.

when a woman works in an industry that is associated to them people usually think that you are there for perks of your favorites, but you do not have what it takes to understand what the society really want, and they also have this perception that fashion somehow lessens women brain cells. However, women have proven people wrong again and again, with so many successful women CEO’s in the fashion industry who have shown the world that wielding power and wearing the most fashionable clothes does not mean that one does not have brains.

As far as the success of fashion industry is concerned, women were the first people to start the concept of runaway shows. , For example, Jeanne paquin was considered the world’s first female couturiers. She would organize fashion parades and used out-outfitted models to society events such as races and operas. She was also known for her eighth-century inspired pastel evening dresses which were totally unheard of since evening gowns usually came in dark colors to emphasize formality.

When male’s perspective is always welcome and refreshing in fashion, no one knows human body and particularly a woman’s body better than a woman. They are also aware of other women’s fashion taste and they perfectly know what would sell and what would not. Besides, who else buys clothes anyway? In short, women and fashion goes hand in hand.

How To Promote Your Small Fashion Design Business

fashion design businessFashion design business is a trending business where thousands of young people are venturing into with a hope of catching their big break. However, in order to succeed in the world of fashion design, there is more to just having the talent and the styles. You will surely need determination to promote and make yourself until you get noticed. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular things that you can do to promote your fashion design business.

Create a website

A website is very important when it comes to promoting your fashion design business, your style, and your work at large. Your website will act as your 24 hours brochure, selling your talents to all people from all over the world. Your website needs to look professional and should also be able to reflect your style. Your website needs to be easy to navigate and you also need to ensure that visitors can easily contact you. Adding links to your social networking sites is also recommended.

Images needs to be of high quality and should easily be uploaded whenever the visitors want to view them. For example, can you imagine visiting a site with an aim of finding the best breeds of white dogs that are small, only to find sick-looking dogs that are not pleasing to the eye, can you really spend even a single minute in that website? Of course you can’t. I remember when one of my friends was looking for dogs that are medium sized for his son, he concentrated on the sites with good pictures and he managed to buy the best. If this is what happens with pet purchase, imagine how it can be with a fashion accessory. People love to look good and will obviously pay attention to every detail to ensure they look good and the website will tell it all. For this reason, make sure you have a good website.

Social networking

Social media sites allow you to promote yourself as well as connecting with potential clients. Some of the trending sites are Facebook, twitter, and You Tube. On Facebook, you can create your business’s fun page where you can display samples of your fashion designs and creations along with a link of your blog or website. You can then ask your friends and family to like your page. Within a short time you will see your business grow.

On twitter, you can share short information about your design business with other users which includes things like what you deal with, pictures, or links to your business. You can even build up a following for people who are interested in what you are doing.

On You Tube, you can share videos where you can share your business ideas on fashion. You can also showcase your latest fashion purchases or designs where you can link the videos to your website, networking sites, or even blogs.


With a blog, you can display your design work and your personal thoughts with others. A blog is an awesome platform where you can put yourself out there and get your credibility and talent noticed. Many fashion designers are usually noticed by creating quality blog sharing informative content to the world. When it comes to promoting your business, you need to go for it.

Never feel afraid of getting yourself known to the fashion industry as this is a big part of finding yourself into the fashion industry.


Stay Ahead Of Fashion With Trendy And Attractive Bandage Dresses

bandage dressesFrom the days in the past, women have been known to be more conscious on their looks. Whether it is beautiful clothes, jewelry, or accessories, women put much time and effort to ensure their look is enhanced by whatever they wear. Regardless of the cost, women love to look elegant and so they are always knowledgeable on the latest fashion trends. In the modern world, numerous dresses have evolved with each having its statement. However, one of the widely used attires is bandage dresses. These dresses are extremely stylish and give women a sizzling look. These dresses are not only known for their looks but their ability to fit any body type.

More about bandage dresses
As its name suggests, these dresses can be wrapped around your body to fit like a bandage. Their stretchable strips make them gain more popularity amongst women. One good thing about these dresses is that they do not call for vibrant accessories because they are appealing and so they give an alluring look to women that wear them. These dresses can be worn anywhere. Whether you are going to a party or camping, you can wear it and still look stunning. I remember when I went camping with my classmates, we were so busy packing pour dresses that we almost forgot that sleeping bags are very crucial. It was fun trying them on and imagining myself on them in the wild.

If you are looking for a job, you should not stress yourself thinking of the ideal outfit, this can do. Even high profile celebrities and executives are wearing these dresses and so if you are looking for an executive assistant job all you need is a resume for executive assistant, a bandage dress, and you are good to go.

Types of bandage dresses
V Neck
These outfits come in various colors and unmatched styles. In most cases, they end up to the knee and they come with a V-shaped neck line. These attires are outstanding in a way and you can surely grab the center of a lime light. The sparkling colors of this dress make it unique.

As the name suggests, these are long dresses and can be perfect for any ceremony. They come sleeveless and with strips. Awesome designs that include one shoulder and two shoulders give it a gorgeous look and they may also come with deep or long neck.

Long sleeve
These dresses are usually short and end up to the knee. If you are uncomfortable with sleeveless you can opt for this as they are equally gorgeous. The sleeves might be normal or transparent and the neckline varies enormously.

This type of bandage dresses has become so popular, especially among celebrities and young ladies because they offer a dazzling look. Since this dress has no straps, you can easily show off your shoulders and get an eye catching look. Their neckline is usually so deep giving a sensuous look. If you use light accessories with high heels you can achieve an outstanding look.

Bandage dresses have become the loudest name in the world of fashion. If you are a party lover, these are the dresses that you should go for regardless of your body shape that you have. You can still get a stunning look.

How To Start A Small Fashion Designer Business

fashion design shop

fashion design shopI loved fashion design right from a very young age. After high school, I knew this was what I wanted. I looked for a job as a cashier in a company that one of my friends was working for so that I could pay my college fees. My friend showed me how to write a great cashier resume sample without any training.
Fashion design is a very dynamic and exciting career and you can easily turn it into a profitable hobby. Most of the people who are designers developed an interest for style and fashion when they were young. Although having a career in the fashion industry may look like the most exciting job, it’s really hard to break into the industry. It is very important that you carry out proper research and create some familiarity in the fashion industry.
What you will need
A sewing machine
Talent and creativity- this alone is not enough
Contacts of people in the industry
Idealism and enthusiasm
Knowledge about the textile industry
Good education- study of fashion design
What to do
Be able to sew clothes
This is the basic skill a fashion designer seeking to start their own business should know. If you do not know how to sew clothes, learn how to before you begin your business. Most big fashion designers have their own teams of seamstresses who make the clothes but as a beginner, you will be responsible for creating your own style. You should be able to sew and read patterns.
Keep up to date with the trending fashion designs
Fashion styles keep changing with each season. A good designer should be on the know-how of the current trending designs. Watch fashion shows, read good fashion magazines and hang around other upcoming fashion designers like you.
Choose a target market and create a portfolio
Individuals who want to start their own fashion businesses should look for a niche and come up with portfolio designs. Sketch the designs and then create actual pieces of the designs.
Market your business and sell to your clients.
There are so many ways one can get popular. You can first begin with your friends by selling them some of your great designs and that way they can refer other people to you. When I started out, one of my friends who is a cna really helped in marketing my designs. She was looking for a job at the time and I would ask her to wear some of my designs as she went dropping her cna resume samples in different offices. A lot of people would be interested in the outfits she wore and she in turn gave them my business cards. This really helped me a lot in marketing my fashion design business.
You can also organize a fashion show and invite a few boutiques or retailers. A new designer can also open a retail shop, open a mobile showroom, start a website or design a catalog.

Tips For Fashion Sketching For Beginners

fashion sketches

fashion sketchesI remember when I was young how I used to love sketching most fashion designs on my notebooks. Sometimes this got me in real trouble when I got into school, but I am now a self taught designer (still learning!). I am going to share with you a bit of myself taught experiences that I have mastered over time. I hope you will get the inspiration to pick a pencil and a paper and start making sketches after reading this. Fashion sketching as not as difficult as most people think. Here are some important steps that have helped improve my skills over time.

Make A Great Croquis.

What is a croquis? This is a drawing of a model that you can always trace over as you sketch your fashion ideas. There are so many croquis to use online, in books or you can design your own. Basically a croquis is a picture of tall models and in most cases, it is usually an exaggeration. What if you want to design maybe for someone else like a plus sized woman or small child? Here’s how to. Continue reading